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Are PVC windows cheaper than wood?

When it comes to choosing the right windows for your home, one of the biggest decisions you will have to make is the choice of material. Should you go for PVC or wood? Both materials come with their pros and cons, but here we delve into one of the most crucial factors when making a decision between PVC and wood windows - cost.

Cost is always a significant factor when purchasing any product, and windows are no exception. Both PVC and wood windows are popular choices for homeowners, and while each material offers its own unique benefits, many people wonder whether PVC windows are cheaper than wood.

To answer this question, we need to analyze the initial and long term costs of each material.

Initial Cost

The initial cost of PVC windows is cheaper than wood windows. PVC is a synthetic material that is much less expensive to produce than wood, making it cheaper for manufacturers to produce PVC window frames than it is for them to produce wood frames. This means that PVC windows cost less to purchase upfront compared to wood windows.

Additionally, the installation costs of PVC windows are generally lower as well. PVC window frames are lightweight and easy to install, making the installation process quicker than wood windows, which are heavier and more difficult to install.

Long Term Cost

While PVC windows may be cheaper to purchase and install initially, the long-term cost of owning them may be greater than that of wood windows.

PVC windows have a much shorter lifespan than wood windows and require replacing more frequently. The frequent replacement will add up over time, and the amount spent on replacements will eventually surpass the initial cost savings. PVC windows also have a lower resale value than wood windows and may not add as much value to your home, affecting the resale price.

Another long-term cost factor to consider is energy efficiency. PVC windows have a higher U-value than wood windows, meaning they are less energy-efficient and may cost more to run in the long run. Although PVC windows may be cheaper initially, the higher energy costs may eventually offset the initial cost savings.

Maintenance and Durability

Wood windows are known for their durability and longevity and can last up to 60 years with proper maintenance. They can be repaired and maintained easily, and their appearance adds value to your home. However, wood windows require more maintenance than PVC windows, like sanding and painting, which adds to the maintenance and repair cost.

PVC windows, on the other hand, don't require as much maintenance as wood windows. They are easy to clean and don't need painting or staining. However, they can't be repaired once damaged like wood windows, and replacement is the only option.


So, Are PVC windows cheaper than wood? It's a complicated question, and the answer depends on several factors. While PVC windows may be cheaper initially, the long-term costs, such as replacement costs and energy costs, may outweigh the initial price savings. Wood windows are more expensive initially but require less frequent replacement and have a higher resale value. Although wood windows require more maintenance, they last longer than PVC windows with proper care, and their appearance adds value to your home.

When deciding between PVC and wood windows, you should take into account all the factors - initial cost, long-term cost, maintenance, and durability - and choose the option that best suits your needs and budget.