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tri state windows passaic nj – Professional Window Installation and Replacement Services

The Tri State Windows in Passaic NJ is a professional window installation and replacement service provider that will help you transform your home and enhance its beauty and energy efficiency. The company provides a range of window installation services, from double-hung windows, bay windows, bow windows, and sliding windows to picture windows, casement windows, and custom-designed windows. With more than 20 years of experience in the industry, Tri State Windows in Passaic NJ is a trusted choice for homeowners in the area.

Whether you’re renovating your home, building a new home, or simply looking to replace your old, outdated windows, Tri State Windows in Passaic NJ has got you covered. The windows they install come in a wide range of materials, including vinyl, fiberglass, aluminum, and wood. This means you can choose the right material that suits your budget and meets your style preference.

Why Choose Tri State Windows in Passaic NJ?

Tri State Windows in Passaic NJ is a complete solution provider for all your window installation and replacement needs. Here are some reasons why you should choose Tri State Windows for your window installation and replacement needs:

1. Quality guarantee

Tri State Windows offers a lifetime warranty on all their windows, installation, and labor. This way, if anything goes wrong with the windows they install or the installation process, they will come back and fix the issue for free.

2. Professional Installation

Tri State Windows in Passaic NJ has a team of highly skilled professionals who are trained and experienced in installing all types of windows. They use high-quality materials and tools to ensure that your windows are installed correctly the first time around.

3. Energy Efficiency

Tri State Windows in Passaic NJ installs windows that are energy-efficient and can help you save on your energy bills. Their windows are engineered to keep heat and cold out, reducing the amount of energy your HVAC system has to use to keep your home comfortable.

4. Customization

Tri State Windows in Passaic NJ offers custom-designed windows that are tailored to meet your specific needs and style preferences. They can create windows that are unique and personalized for your home, enhancing its beauty, and adding value to your property.

5. Competitive Pricing

Tri State Windows in Passaic NJ offers competitive pricing for all their window installation and replacement services. They provide a free consultation and estimate before starting the installation process, so you know exactly what to expect in terms of pricing.

Types of Windows Offered by Tri State Windows in Passaic NJ

Double-Hung Windows

Double-hung windows are the most common type of window and are perfect for residential properties. These windows have two sashes that slide up and down, allowing for easy ventilation and cleaning.

Casement Windows

Casement windows are hinged on one side and open in a similar way to a door. They are perfect for rooms that need maximum ventilation and are also great for energy efficiency.

Bay and Bow Windows

Bay and bow windows are perfect for adding a little extra space and elegance to your room. These windows are designed to extend outward, giving you extra space for a seating area or storage.

Picture Windows

Picture windows are perfect for those who want to let in as much natural light as possible. These windows do not open and are typically used in large, open spaces that need a lot of light.

Custom Windows

If you have a unique window design in mind, Tri State Windows in Passaic NJ can create custom windows that are perfect for your home. They can create windows of any size and shape to fit your specific needs.


In conclusion, Tri State Windows in Passaic NJ is a great choice for anyone looking to replace their old, outdated windows or install new windows in their home. The company provides professional installation services, competitive pricing, and a lifetime warranty for all their products and services. Whether you want to improve your home’s energy efficiency, enhance its beauty, or add a little extra space, Tri State Windows in Passaic NJ has got you covered.