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Black steel windows are a popular, modern option for homeowners and commercial buildings. They are sleek and elegant, and they allow plenty of natural light to enter a space. But, how much do black steel windows cost? In this article, we will dive into the various factors that affect black steel window costs.

Black steel windows are typically more expensive than traditional windows, as they are made from materials of the highest quality. They are constructed from hot-rolled steel, which is a dense and strong material that can withstand harsh weather conditions. The steel is then finished with a black powder-coating, which gives it a sleek and elegant look.

The cost of black steel windows varies depending on several factors, including the size of the windows, the shape of the windows, and the installation process. Let’s break down each of these factors below.

Size of the Windows

The size of the windows is one of the most significant factors that affect the cost of black steel windows. Generally, the larger the windows, the higher the cost. Black steel windows can be customized to fit any size, but the larger the window, the heavier the steel, and the more expensive it is to produce.

It's also important to note that if you choose to go down the custom route for your black steel windows, you may have to pay higher prices for the manufacturing process. This is because the manufacturer will need to create custom shapes and sizes to match your specific requirements.

Shape of the Windows

The shape of the windows also plays a significant role in determining the cost of black steel windows. While standard square or rectangle windows are the most common shapes, you can also choose arched, circular, or triangular shapes.

Custom-shaped windows can be more expensive to produce than standard models. This is because custom pieces require more design work and often take more time to manufacture and install. If you're looking to have black steel windows that are uniquely shaped, expect to pay higher costs.

Installation Process

Finally, the installation process can also influence the cost of black steel windows. While black steel windows may be more expensive than traditional windows, they generally offer a lifetime warranty. This makes them a long-term investment for homeowners and business owners.

When you are shopping around for black steel windows, consider the installation costs. This process typically involves removing the existing windows and fittings, installing the new windows, and completing any finish work to blend in the new windows with the surrounding wall, such as painting.


In conclusion, the cost of black steel windows can vary, depending on several factors. The size of the windows, the shape of the windows, and the installation process all play significant roles in determining the overall price.

While it's essential to consider the overall cost of black steel windows, it's also important to note that they offer many benefits over traditional windows. They are stronger and more resilient, which can save you money in the long run due to their durability.

Incorporating black steel windows into your renovation or new construction project is a wise investment that will add character and value to your space.

At the end of the day, it's always helpful to consult with a black steel window manufacturer or installer to get a better understanding of what your project entails and the expected costs.