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People also search for: What It is and How It Helps with Search Results

In today’s world, the internet has become an integral part of our daily lives. Whether it is for research, entertainment, or communication, the internet is our go-to platform. When it comes to searching for information, Google is undoubtedly the most popular search engine used worldwide. It is no secret that the search engine giant has an algorithm that displays search results in an order that it deems as relevant to the user. However, have you ever come across the “People also search for” section when looking for information online? In this article, we will explore what People also search for is and how it helps with search results.

What is People also search for?

When typing a search query on Google, the search results page displays a list of websites that would be relevant to your search. Alongside the search results, Google displays a section titled “People also search for”. This section features a list of related searches that users often perform in relation to the initial query. For instance, if you type “best Italian restaurants” in the search bar, the “People also search for” section will display related searches such as “best pizza restaurants” or “best pasta restaurants”.

How Does People also search for Help with Search Results?

The “People also search for” section is a useful tool that can help you refine your search query and narrow down your search results. Here are some ways that this section can be of help:

1. Provides Alternatives

With the help of the “People also search for” section, users can find alternative search terms that might yield the results they are looking for. For example, if you search for “healthcare” and see that the related searches include “health insurance” or “medical care”, you might want to explore those options to find the information you need.

2. Broadens Search

There are times when a search query is specific to a certain area, and it can be tough to find relevant search results. When this happens, scrolling down to the “People also search for” section can help broaden your search and lead you to websites that are related to your query.

3. Helps with Research

If you’re engaged in research, the “People also search for” section can be a valuable tool to help you expand your research scope. By exploring related search terms, you might come across information that you might not have considered in your initial search.

4. Identifies Trends

The “People also search for” section can also help identify trends and popular search terms. If you are conducting research, you might want to take note of the related searches as they might be relevant to your research topic.

5. Saves Time

The “People also search for” section saves time as it presents relevant search terms that can refine your query and lead you to information that matches your search intent. Instead of typing in multiple queries, exploring related searches from this section can reduce the time you spend searching for information online.


The “People also search for” section is a valuable tool that can help refine your search query and lead you to websites that are related to your search intent. It is a great way to find alternative search terms and broaden your search results. By taking advantage of this section, you can save time searching for information online and expand your research scope. So, the next time you search for something on Google, remember to check out the “People also search for” section for added value.