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When it comes to installing windows in a building, the most common materials used are wood, aluminum, or vinyl. Although plastic is a readily available material, it is not used for windows. This begs the question of Why don't we use plastic for windows? There are several reasons why plastic is not commonly used, and this article will explore some of the main reasons.

Heat absorption and expansion:

One of the primary reasons why plastic is not used for windows is because it has a low melting point. When exposed to high temperatures, plastic will absorb heat and expand. This expansion can cause the windows to warp or distort, which can negatively impact the appearance and performance of the windows.

Glass is a better insulator:

Another reason why plastic is not used for windows is that glass is a better insulator. Plastic windows are more transparent than glass, which means that they will allow more heat to pass through. Glass is a better insulator because it can be coated with a low-emissivity film that reflects heat back into the room, which can reduce heating and cooling costs.


Glass is also more durable than plastic. Over time, plastic windows can become brittle and crack, which can lead to leaks and drafts. Glass windows are stronger and more resistant to damage, which means they will last longer and require fewer repairs.


Finally, visual appeal is another reason why plastic is not used for windows. While some people may prefer the transparent look of plastic windows, glass windows have a more classic and timeless appearance. Additionally, glass windows can be customized with different patterns and designs to create a unique look that matches the style of the building.


While plastic is used for many things, including in the construction industry for pipes and insulation, it is not commonly used for windows. This is because of the many drawbacks plastic has compared to glass, including heat absorption and expansion, insulation, durability, and aesthetics. Although advancements have been made in the development of plastic windows, glass remains the top choice for windows in buildings.