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Double hung windows are one of the most popular types of windows in modern homes. They offer a classic look and versatility, allowing homeowners to open and close each sash independently. That means they can be used to provide ventilation and natural light while providing security and convenience. Moreover, double hung windows can help regulate temperature, improving energy efficiency and comfort.

But with so many different options available, what makes a good double hung window?

Window material

One of the most crucial factors to consider when purchasing a double hung window is the material. Some popular materials include wood, vinyl, fiberglass, and aluminum. While each material has its advantages and disadvantages, it's crucial to choose a window material that matches your home's design and style.

Wooden double hung windows have an excellent aesthetic appeal and can add a traditional charm to your home. However, wood windows require more maintenance than other materials. They can expand and contract due to temperature changes, warping and cracking the frame over time.

Vinyl double hung windows have grown in popularity over the years due to their low maintenance requirements. They offer excellent insulation properties, can be customized in various colors and styles, and are cost-effective. Moreover, vinyl double hung windows won't warp, fade or crack over time.

Fiberglass double hung windows offer excellent durability, strength, and insulation properties. They require minimal maintenance and can be painted in any color you desire.

Aluminum double hung windows are lightweight and easy to maintain. They're ideal for contemporary homes and are available in different colors and styles.

Window Energy Efficiency

Another crucial factor to consider when choosing double hung windows is energy efficiency. Windows that are energy-efficient can reduce your heating costs during winter months and keep your home cooler during summer months.

Insulated glass, Low-E coatings, and gas fills are all some features that can help improve the energy efficiency of your double hung windows. The U-Factor, which measures the rate of heat transfer, and the Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) should be observed to decide the energy efficiency of the window.

The window frames can also contribute to the windows' energy efficiency by preventing air leakage that arises due to gaps between the glass and frame. Insulated frames provide excellent insulation and prevent energy loss.

Window Security

Lastly, window security is another important aspect to consider when choosing double hung windows. Homeowners value the safety of their family and property, and the windows' safety can contribute to that.

Double hung windows that feature high-quality locks, screens, and tempered glass can offer additional security. Make sure the window manufacturer complies with industry standards and uses a safety glass.


In conclusion, choosing the best double hung window can be challenging, but it's essential to choose the right materials, energy efficiency, and security to suit your home's needs. Vinyl windows offer excellent benefits from low maintenance to various customization opportunities and are easily affordable. When making a choice, it's crucial to consult with an expert to understand the various options available and find the best fit for your home.