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Building Enclosure Online is a revolutionary platform designed to assist professionals in the construction industry to understand and undertake building enclosures, one of the most important aspects of building design. This innovative platform provides an online resource that delivers all the information you need to design an energy-efficient building system by utilizing the most appropriate materials, systems, and designs. With Building Enclosure Online, you can expect to find a one-stop-shop for all your design needs, from research and product sourcing to design and detailing.

Building enclosures, also known as the building envelope, encompasses the materials and systems that make up the building's exterior wall assembly and roof systems. It is responsible for protecting the interior environment of a building from harsh external weather conditions, and controlling the flow of heat, air, light, and sound. Properly designed building enclosures help conserve energy, reduce utility costs, and mitigate environmental impacts, while also delivering a safe and comfortable indoor environment.

Building Enclosure Online provides comprehensive information on a wide range of building enclosure systems and materials. It includes product catalogs, research papers, technical manuals, design guides, and other resources that help users select the most efficient and effective building materials and systems based on factors such as performance, durability, and cost-effectiveness. Users can also access tools that enable them to calculate energy savings and carbon footprints for a given design.

This platform also offers training and education services to help professionals expand their knowledge and stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends and building codes. It includes online courses, webinars, and workshops that cover a wide range of topics related to building enclosures, such as emerging materials, products, and technologies, and best practices of designing high-performing buildings.

One of the most useful features of Building Enclosure Online is the Building Enclosure Detailing Guide, which includes standard details and specifications for various building envelope components, systems, and materials. This guide helps architects, engineers, and contractors to ensure that they follow best practices while designing and constructing buildings, thus avoiding costly errors and delays.

In conclusion, Building Enclosure Online is an ideal platform for anyone involved in the construction industry to learn about building enclosures and the latest technologies and design methods used in the field. The information provided on the platform is updated regularly, ensuring that it is always current and relevant. Users can easily create an account and start exploring the resources provided, which can save significant time and effort in the design and construction of energy-efficient and sustainable buildings. Building Enclosure Online is an essential tool that every professional in the construction industry should know about.