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Velux is a leading manufacturer of roof windows and skylights that provide natural light and ventilation to homes and commercial buildings. The company is renowned for its high-quality products and innovative designs that help to enhance the aesthetics and functionality of any space. But are Velux skylights worth the investment? In this article, we explore the benefits and drawbacks of Velux skylights to help you decide if they are worth it.

Benefits of Velux skylights

1. Natural light

Velux skylights are designed to allow natural light to enter your home. This natural light can help to create a warm, inviting, and bright atmosphere that enhances your mood and makes your space feel more spacious. Natural light is also an excellent way to improve your overall health and wellbeing, thanks to the many benefits that it offers.

2. Improved ventilation

Velux skylights are designed to provide superior ventilation. By opening the skylights, you can allow fresh air to circulate through your home or building, reducing stuffiness and odours. This ventilation helps to improve the air quality in your home and enhance your overall comfort.

3. Energy efficiency

Velux skylights are engineered with energy efficiency in mind. They are made with advanced materials that help to keep out drafts, reduce heat transfer and retain warmth during the colder months. This means that you can enjoy natural light and ventilation without compromising your energy bills.

4. Aesthetic appeal

Velux skylights are available in a range of styles, sizes and materials that allow you to achieve the look you want for your home or building. Whether you want a classic, traditional or modern look, Velux skylights are designed to blend seamlessly with your existing decor and fixtures.

Drawbacks of Velux skylights

1. Cost

Velux skylights can be expensive compared to other types of skylights. However, the investment is worth it because the quality and design of the skylights ensure that you get many years of use out of them. Moreover, the energy efficiency and health benefits that Velux skylights offer can save you money in the long run by reducing your energy bills and improving your health.

2. Installation

Velux skylights require professional installation, which can add to the overall cost. However, professional installation ensures that the skylights are installed correctly, minimizing the risk of leaks or other installation problems.

3. Maintenance

While Velux skylights are designed to last for many years, they require regular maintenance to ensure their long-term performance and durability. This includes cleaning the skylights regularly, checking for leaks and damages, and inspecting the seals around the frames.


In summary, Velux skylights offer many benefits that make them worth the investment. They provide natural light, improved ventilation, energy efficiency and aesthetic appeal, all of which enhance the overall comfort and wellbeing of your home or building. While they can be expensive and require professional installation and maintenance, the long-term benefits outweigh the drawbacks. Therefore, if you are looking for a high-quality, reliable and innovative skylight solution, Velux skylights are definitely worth your consideration.